Go now, a child of God. Choose well the road you take,
And the decisions you make. Keep in mind always that The God you serve continues to call to you, making you more and more every day into the faithful one God wants you to be.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today I am still thinking about my family. I really like it that my dad is still supportive of me now that I am an adult. When he comes to visit, I get that feeling of being a kid and I look up to him like I always have. I was a daddy’s girl. Not in a way that he gave me everything that I wanted but in the way that we were close. My dad has always been the one to talk and I have always been the one to listen.
Things I like about my dad:
1. He’s interesting. We talk about things that I don’t talk about with anyone else- like the universe, the periodic table, geometry, levels of consciousness, and other things that would be odd with someone else.
2. He’s handy. He has tools and knows how to use them.
3. He is upbeat most of the time.
4. He’s full of ideas.
5. We watch the same television shows without knowing until later when we ask if the other saw the show.
6. He accepts me. And likes to spend time with me.
7. He is well liked by his peers and mine.
8. We give and take.
9. He will take time to explain things.
10. He loves me.
I had the opportunity to spend time with my daughter and my dad at the same time and during breakfast we were talking about going treasure hunting- like panning for gold on the west coast, or searching for rare gems that we like to think are just laying around for the taking. Somehow the subject went to how important chemistry is and how chemistry could relate to everything on the breakfast table and learning the periodic table. I always told my daughter that the periodic table was like having a class photo of your friends and the photo never changed but once you knew everyone in the picture’s name and where they were in the photo- you were set. (I know what kind of nerd I am to say that the elements in the periodic table are my friends) But I turned to my daughter and asked her what our favorite element is? I could see her thinking and I blurted it out – Au! It came out sounding like “HEY YOU!” we all started laughing, and I asked her what the element was and she answered, “Gold” I was a proud parent. Corny I know, but the three of us got it without having to explain it. Those are the moments that I cherish.
I really enjoyed having the two of them visit together. They talk to each other and have a bond that is nice to see.

Romans 5:5
“God has given us the Holy Spirit, who fills our hearts with his love.”

Love endures. Love that comes from the Holy Spirit is a perfect love. I know I can be difficult and I drove my dad crazy growing up and he worried about me a lot, but one thing that never changed was his love for me. I hope I give my daughter the same love.

God is just like that. He nourishes what is right and he gave love first and taught us love.

If you have someone in your life you once loved and now think that you can’t love that person anymore, or they don’t love you anymore, don’t give up on that person, give it to prayer and put your name on every prayer list you can find and ask everyone you know to pray along with you for the Holy Spirit to bring back the love you once knew. God loves with a perfect love even when we do not. Loving someone and having them love you is a gift of the Spirit.

Today I talked with someone that is in love and didn't realize it, someone that is looking for love, and someone who is too in love with someone they should not be with and someone said they didn't love another. 
Love doesn't have to be that complicated, but most of the time it is. 

I'm praying for each of these people and also for my own love life.  I am blessed to know love.

Thank you God for love. Thank you for your love and for teaching us love and for the love that fills us from the Holy Spirit.

A change in season and a change in me.

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