Go now, a child of God. Choose well the road you take,
And the decisions you make. Keep in mind always that The God you serve continues to call to you, making you more and more every day into the faithful one God wants you to be.

Friday, January 22, 2010

One hundred thiry-two

James 1:12
“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God promised to those who love him.”

I’ve been tested, and I feel like I fail every day. Do I give up? No. Stubborn me, I continue on. Things are very fallow with me right now. I feel like that empty field awaiting spring and for something to be planted and sprout new growth. Patience. I keep reminding myself. Patience will make a difference.

So much tragedy going on in the world and within each individual life can make a person feel helpless. We are supposed to keep positive and rejoice in everything. I admit I am completely human and rejoicing is difficult when it seems every thing happening is a trial.

I heard this morning that the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of having an earthquake weapon and we used it on Hati and now the United States is planning to occupy Hati. I really do believe that the earthquake was a natural act, but the Venezuelan President has now accused the United States of being an enemy instead of a country of goodwill. It is frustrating.

Can America persevere? Can each American persevere? God never promised things would be easy. He never said these trials would not come. It is frustrating. It can be discouraging. It can seem hopeless.
During these times we are to turn to God. I lay my trials out to God every day and I admit to God I don’t understand why things have happened. I know I am supposed to hold on to today’s verse and look forward to the goal, in the same way as looking forward to a trip. We decide to take a trip. To go on the trip we know it will cost a certain amount of money, so we sacrifice to be able to save for the trip. Saving the money is hard, but the day you have the ticket in your hand, hope is restored, and then you travel to the destination, and after arriving, it is all you have expected and know it was worth the sacrifice to be at the destination.

Life on Earth is Christians saving up and preparing for that trip to heaven when we will be with God.

Yes, persevere. Persevere with God. Persevere with prayer. Persevere with worship to God. The destination is going to be worth it.

Pray for perseverance and encouragement for each other and also for our nation. I am still proud to be an American. I am still proud to live in a country where I can openly be a Christian and worship God.

Love and peace to you from God our father.

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