Go now, a child of God. Choose well the road you take,
And the decisions you make. Keep in mind always that The God you serve continues to call to you, making you more and more every day into the faithful one God wants you to be.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One hundred thirty-six

Psalm 22:10
"I have leaned on you since the day I was born; you have been my God since my mother gave me birth."

Not all of us know that God gave us our first breath, and eyes for our first sights and the urgency to do all the things we had to do to grow.

If I was asked about my earliest thoughts about God in my life, I know it would be from going to church with my mom and later letters from my mother after my parents divorce. Every one of her letters ended with her asking me to pray for her. I still pray in that same childish way, "God bless, daddy, mommy, J, my dog, etc."

Knowing that you are a child of God, you cannot help but to be drawn to the things of God. You seek the peace that God can give. You seek to feel His presence. You want to know He is with you.

God is here and God is at work every day from our first breath to our last.

Today I wish I had a day to sit with God for a while and just listen.
I think I will make time for that later. Just silence. Just me and God. I spend a lot of time alone and even then I know I am not alone. I still have my little chats with God all through the day, but today feel a little different. I have a few aches, a few prayer requests, a few things to give thanks for, I feel overwhelmed and have a need for some encouragement.

I know we could all use some encouragement from God.

Take a deep breath- A deep, deep breath and know it is a gift from God.

Grace and peace to you from God our father.

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