Go now, a child of God. Choose well the road you take,
And the decisions you make. Keep in mind always that The God you serve continues to call to you, making you more and more every day into the faithful one God wants you to be.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The root word for adventure is advent, which means beginning. And with every beginning there is anxiety.

I am thinking about Jesus’ life and how it began, born to a virgin mother, his parents having to make the journey for the census in her time of labor. Because of the census there was no room at the inn, so they had to find a retreat and Jesus was born in a manger. The three kings sought him by following his star. Herod asked who they were going to see, it angered him that he was not the one they were seeking. To save Jesus life they had to keep it a secret, Herod wanted the kings, on their return journey to tell him where this “King of the Jews” was so he could kill him. The kings were careful not to return in a way that Herod would know. Herod was so mad he ordered death to all male boys in his kingdom of a certain age. They flee to Egypt and then to Nazareth to escape the rule of Herod.

Some of us may be in a time of advent in our own lives.. A new beginning. A new adventure. Some of us are making plans, some of us have no plan. Some of us are having to adjust because the plans we made are falling apart.

Where are you in your ADVENTure?
In my own life I am seeking God, and His guidance. I am trying to be present in every moment. Being present is hard for me, I live inside my head a lot of the time with my thoughts and I am sometimes distracted from what I really need to focus on.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, everything I planned fell apart, and when they did, I allowed whatever to happen happen, I admit I struggled with it. I wanted to do what I had planned, but something else happened. I got a call from my daughter around 8:30 pm I had resigned to the fact that the plans I had made were not going to happen and I had already put on my pj’s and washed my face. My daughter wanted to go out and be social with her friends and she needed a chaperone. I was tired and could have said no, but I jumped at the chance to be mom. I got dressed, we spent some time being social but most importantly, we spent some time together, we laughed, we talked, we had a mini retreat sharing a meal together. Of all the people I had the chance to spend the evening with, I know I spent it with the most important one.

I like hearing her voice, spending time with her and strengthening our relationship. I am glad she tells me about her friends and is concerned for each of them. I am able to just love her during this time and we are rebuilding our relationship. I thank God for this blessing.

I encourage you to look at your own ADVENTure and seek what God has in store for you. Live in the moment, seek God’s direction, go where God wants you to go.

Psalm 18:30
"The ways of God are without fault."

Joy to you from God our  father.

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