Go now, a child of God. Choose well the road you take,
And the decisions you make. Keep in mind always that The God you serve continues to call to you, making you more and more every day into the faithful one God wants you to be.

Monday, March 8, 2010

one hundred sixty-four

Today I got a thought in my mind and I couldn’t let it go. It was not a good thought. I talked with a few people and they did not ease my mind they escalated my thoughts. I know it would be better if I said nothing. Then I wonder how I am supposed to work things out. People sometimes make me feel ashamed if I don’t agree with their advice.
My thoughts really made my day tough.

My day should have been carefree, but it wasn’t, it was a emotional day, even right now, I am angry for continuing to give time to my troublesome thoughts.

I know your wondering did I pray about having these thoughts?

Honestly no.

I let my thoughts snowball and even now, I am agitated.

Today’s verse:
Love suffers long and is kind.”
1 Corinthians 13:4

I admit my thoughts were of someone I love.

Going to pray and change my day.

Grace and peace to you from God our father.

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